Call For Entries : SICAF2017 International Aimated Film Festival

2017-03-27 17:26
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Any frame by frame or computer assisted animation video or film made for the cinema, television and/or the internet may be entered. Only works completed after 1st January 2015 and never previously entered for selection at SICAF can be taken into consideration.

Please refer regulation for detail.

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1) Feature Films : Works with a running time of over 40 minutes in length made for cinema
2) Short Films : Works produced with a running time of less than 40 minutes in length
3) Student Films : Student works with a running time of less than 40 minutes in length
4) SICAF KID : Works made for children
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11a) Films for 3-6 year olds
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11b) Films for 7-12 year olds
5) SICAF Online : Animated works created for the purpose of showing online or other digital platform
6) SICAF TV & Commissioned : Animated works created for promotional purpose
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11a) Music video, game, advertising and promotional films
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11b) TV series, web series and TV special films
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11c) Educational, scientific or industrial films

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01. All submitted works should be submitted via portal if DVD, or via online with downloadable URL link.
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11· Video streaming service (i.e. Vimeo, etc.)
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11· Cloud service (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11· Film festival submission service (i.e. Film Free Way, Film Festival Life, Fest Home, Without a Box etc.)
02. URL links protected by password should be downloadable and active up to 30th July 2017. Works submitted for selection shall be presented as DVD or digital files.
03. Attach compulsory enclosures :
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11· Including director’s biography, filmography & picture, preview screener, scripts of dialogue, etc.
04. Submitted work should have one entry form under one category however there is no limit to the number of submissions.
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11· Correctly completed entry form and other requirements can be sent via email and/or post until May 21, 2017
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11· Email Title : Competition Submission Category_Film Title in English_Name of Director.
Ex) Feature Film_The Dreamer Drummer_John Whisky
05뉴스레터_공식경쟁작 공모_아웃라인-11· E-mail :
Details available in the SICAF2017 International Animated Film Regulation.

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