Started in 1995 as a small animation screening event for the first time in Asia, Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF) has promoted the present and future of cartoon and animation for the past 21 years.

Under the slogan of “SICAF Go! SICAF Adventure!”, SICAF 2017 has made another leap forward to embrace various cultural contents that both previous partners and new audiences can enjoy together.

SICAF has opened a venue of sharing traditional values and international cartoon and animation, and served as a link among industry, academia and schools. Through various works and contents from different countries, and the inclusion of fourth industry such as webtoons, VR and AR, SICAF 2017 offers the present and future of cartoon and animation.

The older generation who enjoyed cartoon and animation at SICAF 21 years ago can come to share their memories with the younger generation after 21 years. This is the unique opportunity that SICAF can provide to participants. The process of sharing and communicating memories can develop the culture and the culture is spread through the industrial development. In fact, SICAF has contributed to raising the awareness of the importance of cartoon and animation throughout its path with Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The festival has been with all the fans of cartoon and animation for 21 years.
With more diverse programs, exhibitions and international film festivals, SICAF 2017 has sought to become a festival where everyone can fully enjoy cartoon and animation.

Come and enjoy the 5-day special adventure in the summer of 2017.

Chairman, SICAF Organizing Committee
Young Doo, Kim