The 20th SICAF is a representative of Korean cartoon-animation festival. It is also where people can experience and enjoy the different types of cartoons and animations. The catchphrase of this year is “Wifi: Sharing”. Following the catchphrase, SICAF has prepared the filming, events, and exhibitions under the two themes: familiarity and newness. The SICAF is where citizens can experience different types of animations and cartoons more closely. People can enjoy international animations and also Korean animations as well. The 2016 SICAF is where people can observe the present and the future of cartoons and animations by looking at many participations across countries.

The SICAF wants to provide a place where directors and animation professionals can interact with one another, further, expand the vision for the future of the industry. Culture grows through interactions and sharing. The culture enhances the quality of life and becomes a motivation of a new industry. Cartoons and animations industry is a cultural convergence. We can find animation through media every day. Children love animations and cartoons. Moreover, many dramas that grown-ups enjoy are based on cartoons and animations. It clearly shows that cartoons and animations industry plays a significant role in the cultural industry.

It has been 20 years since SICAF was introduced. SICAF did its best to show the current status of Korean cartoon and animation industry with familiarity and variety of its content. The Cultural industry also experienced lots of changes for the last 20 years. That 20 year was the time for cartoon and animation industry professionals to discuss the better future. There is a dream in the SICAF. We will do our best to make the SICAF become a place where dreams come true. We look forward to many participations and interest. Thank you so much.