Our festival began as a small screening in 1995 — and has developed into an International Cartoon & Animation Festival. This year (2018), we celebrate our 22nd festival.

The Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (further denoted as SICAF) has steadily grown to become a key cultural event in Seoul, Republic of Korea. I’d like to express my gratitude towards our audience, industry stakeholders, the staff and officials of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and last but certainly not the least, our very staff for the dedication and devotion.

The coming 2018 SICAF will be centered around the term: “LIFE.”

It is my aspiration that cartoons and animations become contents that harmonize and enhance the quality of everyone’s life, regardless of one’s gender or age. In line with this, the 2018 SICAF will be a momentous festival where one will be able to experience and see multitudes of cultures intimate with the theme of life. We will be bringing elements of not only the reminiscence of the past, but also the possibilities of the future.

SICAF, hand-in-hand with all those who love and cherish cartoons and animated films, will leap forward with pride and make a festival like none other.

On that note, this summer of 2018, we invite you to the hub of cultural festivals: SICAF.

Chairman, SICAF Organizing Committee
Young Doo, Kim