The SICAF 2016 has begun! The SICAF could be prepared with the interest and participations of those who love the SICAF. The SICAF is the biggest cartoon and animation festival in Asia, and it has been 20 years since it was first introduced. As the 20 years passed, the SICAF was recognized as a major festival among the animation festivals in the world. It has been growing and recognized by people with different theme and composition every year. It is the 20th SICAF, and it means the SICAF just passed its puberty and became ready to be a grown-up. The SICAF organizing committee, the city of Seoul, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and Jung-Gu office are hosting SICAF together, and the SICAF has been a great asset for the growth of cartoon and animation industry. It also has been a hub that connects cartoon and animation professionals all over the world.

The 20th SICAF is held in DDP, and it would be a turning point for the SICAF. DDP represents the convergence of culture and industry. It will be a venue where we can observe the future of this convergence, and how promising it will be.

The catchphrase of this SICAF 2016 is “Wifi: Sharing”. The stories of cartoons and animation and audiences will share their stories and experiences. Sharing is the soul of culture, and the SICAF also respects this idea.

The future of SICAF will be introduced in SICAF 2016. Culture becomes richer when it is shared and the experiences from this accumulate. We will try our best to make this experience even richer and fuller. We look forward to your support and interest in the SICAF. The SICAF will grow even further and wider with your love and support. It will, eventually, lead the prosperity of our culture. Thank you.