Date: July 26 – 30 (5days), 2017
Place: MEGABOX COEX Theater / SETEC Exhibition
Opening Ceremony: 16:30, July 26, 2017, Hall 3, SETEC
Closing Ceremony: 16:00, July 30, 2017, MEGABOXCOEX Theater10

SICAF is the only international animation festival in the world that consists of cartoon and animation film festivals and exhibitions with a long history of 21 years. Started in 1995, it has grown into a reputable international festival which introduced great possibilities to combine new technology with cartoon and animation, and it’s now playing a large part internationally in cartoon &animation festival today.

The SICAF 2017 will have a theme of “Adventure with SICAF” as an experience-oriented, communicative festival. In particular, we want to share the traditional value of Korean cartoon and animation by co-operating with writers that represent Korea. Moreover, based on the trend of the year 2017 “participating, sharing, and experiencing”, ‘Digital Contents’ that include ‘Webtoon”, “VR, AR”, and a wide range of programs will be introduced this summer in order for the audience to experience and relate to the cartoon &animation in a new way.

The exhibition will take place in SETEC hall 1 and hall 2. For this year, established patterns of exhibition that just displays the contents to the audience has been turned into what is now in the experience-oriented trend of today’s cartoon and animation that satisfy your five senses. Not only that, we will have a business hall and a university hall to provide opportunities to network with relevant companies.

The film festival will take place in Coex Megabox. SICAF 2017 International Animation Film Festival consists of competition sector where 158 works from 43 countries out of 2552 works from 93 countries have been selected after fair preliminary evaluations. Various events have been prepared such as opening film, GV, masterclass, and award ceremonies.

We invite you to the 21st Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival.