Greetings to everyone. I am Park Won-soon, mayor of Seoul.

Welcome all of you visiting the 22nd Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival.
The contents industry of Korea is full of wonderful stories as creative as diverse aspects of life and they are widely loved by many audiences. Also, the market for the contents industry in Korea is growing every year to be more than KRW 100 trillion.

Cartoon and animation contents are loved by audiences in all gender and age groups and have no restriction on subjects. It is also the source of contents industry, as it can be expanded into various other genres including film, game and character industries, with growing influence and presence everyday.

This year, SICAF is put together under the theme of ‘Life.’ What else can capture and deliver more diverse messages and dynamic stories than our life? Life is contents itself and at the same time the starting point of the industry that resonates with, be influenced, enjoyed and shared on its own.

Life of human beings living through tough times can be the source of creation and our life full of joy and delight can be a scene of dramas or movies. Sometimes, our imagination, knowing no boundaries of time or space can create one chapter of a novel.

Cartoon and animation have gone through many changes in technological and industrial aspects. However, even when the society and time change, our hearts are still pounding, full of expectation when they are about to meet something new.

I hope SICAF that is celebrating its 22nd event this year will offer precious moment for every one to realize again that Life is Full of Possibility and start new challenge.

Mayor of Seoul
Won Soon, Park