Greetings! Welcome to the 21st International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF). I am Park Won Soon, the Mayor of Seoul.

As one of the leading future industries, the cultural contents industry has the market size of 100 trillion Korean Won and generates two times more jobs than the manufacturing industry. In particular, cartoon and animation, as a high-value added industry based on imagination, have the potential to develop into related fields such as game, film, musical, and theme park.

The city of Seoul has made every effort to help human imagination turn into cartoon and animation by providing production support and rebuilding Seoul Animation Center.

The SICAF symbolizes the city’s commitment to nurture imagination industry. It is an international event with exhibition and film festival that showcases cartoon and animation created by human imagination. SICAF is a place where your wild dream and imagination come true. Kids can see the animation world out of screen and youths can meet their favorite webtoon characters in person.

SICAF 2017 has a theme of Adventure with SICAF. It is my hope that the audience can broaden their experience of cartoon and animation from screen to the adventure of touching, sensing, and communicating in reality. This year SICAF presents a special exhibition of Mythology of the Heavens by Hyun Se Lee and VR screenings to maximize the joy of adventure.

Once again, I would like to congratulate you on the opening of SICAF that keeps advancing with various sophisticated contents. The festival exists not only for cartoon and animation professionals but also for every citizen. I hope that you all can enjoy the festival and exhibition to the fullest. I wish every success and joy to SICAF.

Mayor of Seoul
Won Soon, Park