I would like to congratulate the opening ceremony of the 20thSeoul International Cartoon-Animation Festival(SICAF), and welcome all of you who love cartoons and animation.
It has been 20 years since SICAF was first introduced, and it is like passing from its childhood to the adulthood. As time passes, the SICAF has been recognized as a representative of a venue for Korean cartoon fans and animation professionals.

Especially, The catchphrase of this year is “Wifi: Sharing”. Following this, there were 2,000 participations from 90 different countries over the world. We expect that people can enjoy the festival with the different types of participation across countries. It will be a worthwhile experience for the cartoon and animation fans.

We hope all of you can experience the starting point of Korean animation, and where it is right now by the showings different types of participations including the opening film of the 20thSICAF,”Hong-Gil-Dong,”whichisthefirstfull-lengthanimationinKorea.

The Korean government will try its best to encourage cartoon and animation industry to become competent in the world as one of the five global killer contents so that people can enjoy their lives through culture. We will do our best to make Korea as a culturally prosper country.

We wish the cartoon and animation industry grow stronger and further with the SICAF, and we thank the members of the SICAF Organizing Committee, who worked hard for the successful hosting of this event.