It is our deepest joy to co-host the 21st SICAF with SICAF organizing committee.

Culture and arts are moving from individual genre to convergence. Equipped with extendability and convenience, the media technology has accelerated the diversification of contents.

Inxx the genre of cartoon, the webtoon, in particular, has recently expanded its boundary to TV dramas, films, musicals, and even international sales, making it a new center of culture and arts.

The achievement is attributed to the SICAF’s unending efforts to promote cartoon and animation for over 20 years. Under the theme of SICAF Adventure, SICAF 2017 presents various events including VR program.

It is our hope that this year’s SiCAF will leave you with unforgettable memories of summer.

The Head-Officer of the Jung-gu Office
Chang Shik, Choi