We are happy to work with the SICAF Organizing Committee, and it is a great honor to host this event in here, Jung-Gu.

As media and IT technology develops, the genres of culture and arts have been expanding as well. “Crossover” is the form of cultural convergence where the fine arts, theater arts, and music work cohesively together.

Cartoon and animation industry is an excellent genre for the crossover. People can experience the cartoon and animation in the form of movie, drama and musical. And it has been widely loved by people for its narrative familiarity.

The 2016 SICAF’s slogan is “WIFI SICAF”. It is because we hope the cartoon and animation to reach a wide range of population from little children to grown-ups as WiFi reaches out to people and connects them to one another. For this reason, the 2016 SICAF will offer many different types of programs and events that everybody can enjoy.

The event venue was expanded with the participation of DDP, CGV MyeongDong, and Seoul Animation Center. Further, the Korean wave OSMU (One Source Multi-Use) program was developed so that it can stir up a new type of the Korean Wave.

We hope the 2016 SICAF to be an event with lots of fun and excitement.