We apologize to announce you about unexpected situation about SICAF 2017 Student Short Film Festival (SICAF SSFF2017).


The SICAF 2017 Student Short Film Festival (SICAF SSFF 2017) was planned to hold through
NAVER TV cast on SICAF official channel (http://tvcast.naver.com/sicaf) from MARCH 2, 2017 to MARCH 31, 2017,

however we have received unexpected large number of film works which overcomes our expectation.
Unfortunately we had to extend the Student Short Film Festival evaluation for a month.


For more fair and precise film evaluation,
we announce you to hold the online Student Film Festival a month later, from APRIL 3, 2017 to APRIL 30, 2017.


Thank you and we will come back with great film works on time as promised.
Once again we apologize for such difficulties.