Opening Film

Opening Film: I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

This year, the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival has selected the animation I want to eat your pancreas, one of the most anticipated animated films in 2018, as the opening film. Contrary to its title, which makes the film seem related to horror and/or zombies, it is actually a love story between a bright, terminally ill girl and a boy who is aware of the fact that she doesn’t have much time left. The film, with its discordant title and plot, creates a profound emotion – a sensitivity towards the turbulent relationship between love and death. One of the most notably mentioned phrases throughout the film is a quote from The Little Prince – “What is essential is invisible to the eye” – the quote, throughout the film, seems to implicate accepting death as a part of life, and makes one re-think about the values of life that one may miss in an everyday setting. Thusly, with firm assurance, I want to eat your pancreas, is the most fitting animation that represents the year’s theme: ‘LIFE’.


– I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Japan│2018│108min│Color│Shinichiro USHIJIMA

I, who am a senior high school student, pick up an empty document bottle of my classmate Sakura YAMAUCHI, in which the content that, because of an illness of the pancreas, not many days of living remain was written.
I, who got around to sharing the secret of Sakura, get around to spending the time together with her.
I, who could not befriend the others well, and Sakura, who had been enjoying the daily life that remained, get around to opening up the mind by little bits within the relationship of the friends who get along well.
But, after the spring passed and around the time the summer came, Sakura leaves the world.
How had she been thinking about me in actuality? There was just one method for finding it out.
“I came because I wanted to see it. The empty document bottle.”