[Yearning and longing – Watching again]


– Special Exhibition of the Late Shin Dong-heon Director
<Watching Hong Gil-dong Closely>

· This is a special exhibition to recall the memories of the director of (1967)
· An exhibition of original pictures including original poster of , original copy and layout of the film, 16mm master film, the original copy of the 6th Daejong Film Awards.
· The first theatrical long-piece animated feature in Korea from different angles and revisit the history of early days of animation in Korea.


– SICAF2017 Comic Awards Shin Il-sook Special Exbibition
From <4 Daughters of Armian> to <Kaya>

· solo exhibition of Cartoonist Shin Il-sook.
· The exhibition presents the artist’s representative work of arts <4 Daughters of Armian> and the SF fantasy webtoon <Kaya>.
· You can meet her exquisite exhibition.

[Long expected and much exciting – Watching now]


– Paper Boyfriend Exhibition : Date with the Men from Webtoon.

· The exhibition is set to introduce the popular webtoon characters called ‘paper boyfriends’ based on the new fandom culture among women who consider the webtoon characters as their boyfriend in virtual reality.
· Participating Cartoons : <Yumi’s Cells>, <Cheese in the Trap>, <Sprit Fingers>, <Moon Rising at Noon>, <My ID is Gangnam Beauty>, <Gumiho Roommates and Unlikely Romances>, <Still Lovely Today>, <30 Minutes on Foot>


– Recalling Memories from Chidhood
<Hideout for Kidults>

· This is a space to display diverse mechanics and character models to appeal to kidults.
· From Gundam to animation characters, the exhibition covers wide range of display of magnificent and delicate works of arts from plastic models to paper models.
· Experiences for audience of all age groups and genders to promote communication among generations and encourage active participation.


– Little Happiness of Pink Rabbit, Pokota.
‘Come and See Pokopang, Poko Forest’.

∙ This is a theme exhibition to celebrate the 7th birthday of Pokota of the global mega hit mobile game ‘Pokopang Series.’
∙ The exhibition includes illustration works to show 4 seasons of Poko Forest and Tea Picnic
∙ You can enjoy ‘Pokota Special Zone & Animation Zone’ and scenes of Pokota (GIF) and short animation.
∙ You can see Pokota’s secret clover hill, gaining popularity on SNS as a special photo spot to take the ‘photo of life.’

[Little by little – Watching in advance]

– Exhibition of Cartoons and Animations Winning Awards at Youth Cartoon and Animation Contest

· This is an exhibition space to introduce cartoons and animations winning awards at the contest hosted by SICAF and M Good (arts college entrance institute). You can meet award winning cartoon works in 8 categories of cartoon, cut cartoon, situation expression, illustration, characters, webtoon, play cartoon and animation at SICAF.

– Exhibition Films of SICAF 2018 Animation Film Festival.

· You can take a peek at the short video clip of the films from this year’s film festival to be introduced at Megabox Dongdaemun. There will be a section for pre-view and brief introduction of the films at the exhibition.