Opening Film : LOVING VINCENT 러빙 빈센트

Opening film’s introduction and photograph (개막작 사진 및 소개)

– The 2017 SICAF’s opening film will be an animation called “Loving Vincent-” a film made with 56,000 oil paintings. The opening film, unlike the other years, is targeted towards a larger audience to enjoy. The team hopes that Loving Vincent will be to everyone’s liking

러빙빈센트 포스터

– The film features Vincent Van Gogh on his last chapter of life along with his little Brother Theo and around 20 more people related to Vincent’s life. The impressionist painter has been a source of inspiration for millions over the course of years. He has left 860 works, 1,026 drawings, and 800 letters. The film is based on Vincent Van Gogh, a painter who only sold a single piece of work until his death, and his brother Theo, who supported his lifestyle until the end.