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Family Focus: Pinfong

<Baby Shark> and <Pinkfong>: An exhibition and screening that the whole family can sing along and dance to!

World Focus: 25th year of independence – Slovakian Animation

Fest Anka’s collection of Slovakian Animated Films, in celebration of the beautiful Eastern European Country, Slovakia – and its 25th Anniversary of independence.

SICAF Perspective: Arab Animation

Sandarah 작품사진 1

Shabab Popcorn 작품사진 3

Needs a Home 작품사진 4

NAQLAH 작품사진 2

Works from the Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival – stories told by the children of the Arabian peninsula.

SICAF All Night




A hot, sweltering summer’s cure! Come and enjoy the air-conditioned theatres while watching the series of <Yowamushi Pedal> and snacking on yummy food!

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